Francesco Melpignano

YellowLabel Beta Results

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The Results

At YellowLabel we conducted three different beta tests with the app I developed that spring. Our last beta test in September of 2017 was focused not on proving our concept, as previous tests were popular with our user base, but to do some market research and gain insight into both our users and supermarkets’ supply of discounted good throughout the day/week.

I decided to take the JSON file that was our database within the firebase backend to mine the data for insights for both our team and our investors. Here is a link to these results.

God bless D3.js!

Although this wasn’t my first experience with the D3.js data visulaziation library (thank you Mike Bostock) I had not used it in a while so had to refresh my skills. Luckily using D3 was just as intuitive as I remembered and the resulting interactive graphs and charts helped us secure investment from two different angel investors to give us enough runway to develop and release v0 of the app. I really do believe that without this presentation YellowLabel would have died after the beta test given the different scale of money needed to get the app professionally designed (something I did in the beta) and released to the public properly with both online and offline marketing.

My previous experiences with D3 were usually to display the result of some fancy machine learning algorithm in the best way possible. This time, it was simply a visualization of our database, but it’s impact on the company’s future highlights the importance of having good data visualization for both internal and investment purposes. It allowed us to segment our customers and supermarkets in a more systematic way instead of relying on assumptions and observations. The conclusion we came to was that our release the app’s v0 would focus on our HQ’s city, Leeds with a marketing emphasis on students and single mothers. It also allowed us to go to our partner supermarkets and show them some real results of the impact of our product on their sales

Where our users opened the app


Moving Forward

All in all, it gave the whole team a great amount of confidence about the direction the company was going in as many door started to open for us in a short period of time. Now onto building v0 of the app!!